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Exceptional as always. What a great group of people to deal with. Many thanks for being who you are and how you approach your customers.

Nice people…nice place…

I worked with Dr. Goodwin a little over 6 months ago. I liked working with him. He’s very thorough. He explained what I could expect at every step of getting my mouth piece fitted. He patiently coached me about placing, cleaning and protecting the mouth piece. I felt well prepared for success with this small device. The device is comfortable, I had no trouble getting used to it. The best news is I sleep longer and more deeply with the mouthpiece in place. I am well rested for the first time in many, many years and trust me–that is amazing!

My consultation appointment was a very pleasant and positive experience! Heather was fabulous in many ways. It was nice and refreshing to be greeted by a professional friendly person with a genuine smile. Dr Goodwin was excellent with his professionalism, thoroughness and honesty in explaining Sleep Apnea and the oral devise option. I have tried all different mask and sizes with a C-Pap and they all ended up leaking and/or irritating my skin. You can only adjust mask straps so much (not all heads/faces are shaped the same.) Unlike the oral devise, C-Paps mask/headgear are not custom made just for you! Since it was determined I am a candidate for the oral devise, I will be giving it a whirl and will write a follow-up review in a month or two.

I was at wits end with my snoring, rather my Ladyfriend wasn’t having any of it. My primary care referred me to a sleep study, an overnight monitored study, with a CPAP and enough electrodes to monitor the space shuttle! Sent home the next morning (5AM) with no sleep, although they said I did. The CPAP was extremely uncomfortable on the nose and upper lip. The report to my primary suggested a CPAP for my apnea and snoring. She suggested, hold on! I’ve got a suggestion. Sleep Matters has a device to alleviate snoring without all the pumps, hoses, noise and discomfort. I’ll try anything. Met with Dr. Goodwin shortly after. He explained the mechanics of the dental appliance to keep your jaw forward and your airways open, without the scuba gear of a CPAP! Was fitted for the appliance, received it about three weeks later. The angels sang, more importantly my Ladyfriend did also, and my nose did not!! If you’re getting the knee in the back or some other reminder of your nasal symphony, you’ve got to get to Dr. Goodwin ASAP. You won’t regret it, but more importantly your partner will love you for it!

Dr. Goodwin delivered, and I would recommend him to anyone with a snoring problem. This is why I saw him, and I have been told by my spouse that my snoring is substantially diminished. Dr. Goodwin has a great “bedside manner” to go with accomplishing what we both wanted to accomplish.

I am thrilled with the results of working with Dr Goodwin. My first 5 nights wearing the device left me feeling the most rested I had been in years. I felt 10 years younger. I am not exaggerating. I am 68. I had felt 78. With the oral device I felt like I was 55 again. Unfortunately, my right upper jaw (not the joint) was extremely sore and sensitive. I could barely chew in the morning and it didn’t improve much through the day. Dr Goodwin explained that my neck muscles were all involved in this problem. I took his advice and spent weeks with massage, chiropractic exercises and stretches. I wore the device as little as an hour a day and gradually built up to all night. I now wear it all night. I sleep deeply and awaken refreshed. All the relaxation I gained in my neck has also helped my insomnia and blood pressure. I’m thrilled. It did not happen overnight but it was worth the effort for the results. Don’t give up.
Thanks to Heather, too, for her understanding and encouragement.

I felt welcomed at the office. My wait time were minimal and Dr. Goodwin was both knowledgeable and happy to answer my myriad od questions.

Heather was very pleasant and easy to work with. Dr. Goodwin provides very clear instructions and his advice is much appreciated.

First Class service, professional staff, clean and neat offices. I appreciate the time Dr. Goodwin spent with me to explain every treatment and payment option. It is nice to know of no new surprises. Thanks to Heather for going above and beyond with the paperwork.

I required the use of a CPAP for two years. My sleep specialist thought I could be a candidate for an oral appliance and stated, ‘I refer my patients ONLY to Dr. Goodwin.’ I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Goodwin’s professionalism, thoroughness, and kindness. My sleep apnea has been controlled beautifully now for 1 ½ years.

When diagnosed with sleep apnea, a CPAP machine was prescribed for me. It was cumbersome and I literally hated it. Since being fitted with an oral appliance from Dr. Goodwin, according to my wife, I do not snore and I don’t really know I have it in my mouth.

I first met Dr. Goodwin about 3 1/2 years ago when he explained the oral appliance to replace CPAP to the group of doctors I worked with. I knew immediately that this was the solution for me since I was waking up daily with my CPAP mask on the floor and more tired than ever. My appointment for the fitting of the appliance was easy and adjusting to wearing it for me was much easier than wearing the CPAP mask. My sleep study with the oral appliance showed a significant reduction in the number of apnea episodes and I have been getting a good night’s sleep ever since. If any problems arise, it is easy to get a follow-up appointment with Dr. Goodwin and he has been able to readjust my appliance for a better fit.

I suffered from sleep apnea for over ten years. I had to retire earlier than I wanted to because I just couldn’t function for the full 8 hours that I needed to. I asked the sleep specialist, are there any other medical interventions out there that weren’t designed around the CPAP strategy? The answer was YES and I was referred to Dr. J.C. Goodwin in Prescott Valley. Dr. Goodwin designed an oral appliance specifically for my problem and it has changed my life. I am now sleeping 6-7 solid hours and I feel like a new person. There aren’t any tubes, or anything else that would interfere with my restless style of sleep. I couldn’t be happier to write up this testimonial for Dr. Goodwin. One last comment, Dr. Goodwin is a Medicare provider which means I paid nothing out of pocket for the appliance.

My SomnoMed appliance is working very well for me. We have adjusted it to the highest setting, and three overnight sleep testing have proven that I am sleeping much better even though I am asleep and not aware that it working very satisfactory. I guess that is the point! I don’t find the appliance uncomfortable to use. Over three years, I tried several CPAP masks and sleeping units and they were not successful for me, (very confining), but the appliance has solved my sleep problems.

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